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April 20, 2006


Dominic Armato

Among the culinary lessons I learned from my grandmother, who was a painter, were these:

Working meatballs too much while mixing them makes them tough, you don't need a meat tenderizing hammer as long as you have an empty wine bottle, and the artichoke is the most beautiful vegetable of them all by a wide, wide margin.


that one sentance said it ALL !


I was just poking around and saw this great (albeit brief) post. My French mother taught me much the same about artichokes, so, the question is: what do you dip them in? Depending on my mood it's either a vinaigrette or butter. But mayo? Aioli? argghhhhhh

Growing up in my family, it was always stuffed -- breadcrumbs, hard Italian cheese, herbs and a bit of chicken stock to moisten it. Not exactly the most elegant preparation, but we loved it :-)

Elegance can be over-rated. Sounds divine. At least there wasn't a mention of mayo!
BTW..congrats on your home-girl's win. On the West Coast i haven't seen it yet, but as long as Lisa didn't win? It's all good brother.

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