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January 23, 2010

Pete's Fish & Chips

And now, the shortest writeup in the history of Skillet Doux:

Fish and Chips Dominic Armato

Any questions, or are we good?

Pete's Fish & Chips
Multiple locations in the Phoe-- you know, does it really matter?


I like my filet o fish the old fashioned way- in a greasy bun, slice of american cheese, and dollop o' tartar sauce.

Hahahahaha... never buy fish'n'chips in a landlocked city. You'd think living in Bal'mer and Boston would have taught you that! :-)

Mar... I've had great seafood in places far more inland than Phoenix. While I like the poetry of the notion that it's hard to come by good fish in the desert, I suspect the problem is Pete.

Looks like Pete's last name is Paul and his wife is supplying the fish... or are those frozen hash browns on top and the fish is hidden below?

Gilmore... nope, that's the fish on top. Actually, come to think of it, this is mislabeled. The chips aren't pictured. Sitting underneath the fish are some fried shrimp, which were more of a joke than the fish. Here's a photo of one, extracted from its cocoon:

Fried Shrimp

And they charged me for tartar sauce.

I would never, NEVER have guessed that a shrimp resided inside that fried shell. What a sad looking piece of food.

Can we all start singing the "Give me back that Filet-o-Fish" song now?

Ah, I see Pete's goes out of their way to source the obscure square-fish, which, when filleted, forms perfectly square pieces. I think you were lucky to come across this gem!

Joanna - the square fish is closely related to the tilefish and boxfish.

This is the most hilarious post in the whole blog.

p.s. I can actually smell JoJos from the pix. Amazing.

Gilmore, Mrs. Paul doesn't make any fish that ugly! That is a Save-A-Lot Fish Fillet.

Ah, Pete's... nemesis of my chow cred. Even more of a guilty pleasure than the 2:30 AM drunken Filiberto's run. At least when you go to Fili's there's the excuse of alcohol. To say the food is average at best at Pete's is giving them credit. Still, every now and then, the Pete's red sauce level in my blood gets low, and I find myself there in the blink of an eye. Tartar sauce? Putting tartar sauce on the fish at Pete's is like getting a Double-Double at In-N-Out with mustard and ketchup instead of their spread.

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