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April 09, 2006

Cupcake Craze

Dominic Armato
Let it be said that I think this whole cupcake craze is a little ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong. I love cupcakes. I mean, who doesn't love cupcakes? My new wife and newly acquired sister are huge cupcake fans, and they've taken me to a few trendy dessert spots in search of the ultimate cupcake. But to me, the craze feels like fashion applied to the food world. Cupcakes are cool this year because we say they are. And I realize that we're probably on the tail end of the trend now, but cupcakes are still press-worthy. The establishments we've visited have been cute, trendy, generally tasty, but nothing craze-worthy.

THIS cupcake, however, is PHENOMENAL.

I'm going to go so far as to call it the best cupcake I've ever had. It's a no nonsense cupcake. No trendy or cutesy toppings or colors, here -- just the absolute apotheosis of rich, moist, sweet cakey goodness. It's not fancy... it's just perfect.

I can't yet speak for the establishment, since my ladylove brought this one home for me. It's called Southport Grocery, and it appears to be a little gourmet store with a bakery and cafe. Clearly, this merits further research. It looks like they've gotten plenty of press, so I'm hardly breaking virgin territory here, but I'll report back all the same.


did you ever go back to the bakery?

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