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July 16, 2006

The Scoop

Dominic Armato
Well, I figure it's probably about time to let the cat out of the bag.

A couple of weeks back, I made mention of my Mysterious Dining Companion, who you now see (mostly) pictured on the right. She is Chicago Tribune reporter, food geek and all-around affable gal, Trine Tsouderos. I've blurred her out here partly because she's been working the food beat, but mostly because if I didn't then I'd have to stop referring to her as Mysterious Dining Companion, which is significantly cooler than plain old Dining Companion.

Trine and Mother Tribune were kind enough to take me out for a couple of tasty meals in return for my thoughts on food blogging in general and restaurant photography in specific. She's working on an article for this coming Thursday's edition, in the At Play section. I can't tell you anything about the article, not because I'm trying to be coy, but because I'm not 100% certain what to expect, myself. In any case, bread was broken, dishes were tasted, photos were snapped, foodie-type issues were discussed, and I'm anxious to see the final piece. I have many thoughts on the subjects we discussed, but I figure I'll hold off and let the professional fire the first salvo.

Should be interesting!

7/27 Update: The article was published last Thursday, and you can download a PDF here.


Well, congratulations on the nice mention in the Tribune. A friend of mine actually sent me the link because she said she knows how I love to "photograph food," hmph. Busted!

Anyway, I think you've always done a nice job on your blog (here and on LJ) and it's nice to see some good publicity. Makes me feel better about making my husband photograph his lunch today... ;)

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