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March 21, 2007

Postscript of Evil

I'm sorry, I'll leave this subject alone in a moment, but I just got back from the grocery store, where I saw the following. Observe:

Anything stick out as particularly evil? How bout:


So just to be clear, Sandra's emphasis is not on ease. It's not on speed. It's not on cost or number of ingredients. Oh no, no matter how quick amd easy it may be to make hordes of delicious recipes from scratch, the fact that this book contains none of them is not just a hook... IT'S A SELLING POINT.

Those other cookbooks with really fast, easy and delicious recipes? Instead of calling for Italian seasoning packets, they might ask you to add fresh basil AND garlic! Instead of calling for bottled salad dressing, they might call for vinegar, oil and a dollop of mustard! For the love of god, people, instead of adding powdered onion mix, they could even force you to chop an onion!!!

That was close. Good thing we avoided that mess.


Her "cooking" reminds me of that episode of Top Chef (1st season?) where the chefs were asked to create a dish using gas station food. You must have read Bourdain's guest blog on Ruhlman's site, right? If not http://blog.ruhlman.com/2007/02/guest_blogging_.html

Saw both!

I have to admit, I thought that was a fun challenge on Top Chef. The problem was when they got to season two and EVERY week was that goofy.

Incidentally, I'm struggling with whether or not I should watch her Chefography. I probably shouldn't be saying anything about a paraphrased quote I read on another site, but I understand she challenges her detractors, saying that they're just "taking a shot at all women who are just trying to get it done." I think she may want to take a closer look at how many "women who are just trying to get it done" do a different elaborate tablescape for every meal before she claims them as her peeps.

Not making meals from scratch is called frozen dinners. That women has set both her gender and cooks back fifty years. I bet she just gets her recipes off the side of boxes of Lipton soup and Ritz Crackers.

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