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August 07, 2007

Skillet Doux Glossary

Dominic Armato
Today's update is running a little behind schedule, so I figure I'll seize the opportunity to introduce a new feature I threw together.

I'm tired of linking externally for definitions, so I've posted a simple little Skillet Doux Glossary page. It's nothing fancy, and it isn't remotely comprehensive. I just figure that when I mention an ingredient or a cooking term that might reasonably have a few people asking, "and that is?", it'd be nice to be able to reach a description via an internal link. It's a little anemic at the moment (not unlike today's post!), but it's something that'll grow with time. There's a heading to the right, and going forward I'll start linking directly from the posts that use the terms. Maybe I'll even pretty it up with pictures and ingredient sources at some point. But for now, I'll content myself simply to bid adieu to Wikipedia.

Oh, and P.S.? Don't be afraid to fact-check me. Seriously. I'd rather cop to making a mistake than leave bad info out there. The only thing I hate more than the propagation of bad info over the internet is when I'm the one doing the propagating.


Hey Dom, great idea for the glossary... I predict that I will be making full use of it while reading your posts in the future! I noticed that you already started using it in your Farmer's Market Bounty post which is great because I had no idea what basil chiffonade was.

One small thing that may make it slightly more usable would be to use HTML anchor tags for every element in the glossary, and then use the # sign with the anchor name in the link. This would automatically scroll the viewer down to the particular entry in the glossary when they clicked on a particular word. I think this would really help in getting to the information more quickly, especially as your glossary grows in size.

BTW, I discovered your awesome post on the Tsukiji through the link in your Broadway Market post. My mouth salivated with all the pictures/writing about tuna meat. Coincidentally, that big flat fish that someone identified in your comments (Opah), was the secret ingredient on Iron Chef America last week!

Aaaaah, yes... anchor tags. The thought had occurred to me, but I've never used them before and I wasn't sure how it was done. I'll definitely work them in.

The funny thing about the Tsukiji post is that shortly thereafter, I started playing Animal Crossing on the DS. Had it been the other way around, I could've identified every damn fish in the place :-)

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