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May 14, 2008

Liver, Anyone?

Dominic Armato

After today's news, all I can say is that Doug had better have this on the menu next time I'm in town!

Thrilled to see that the Chicago city council has put the controversy over foie gras back where it belongs and from whence it never should have strayed: the realm of personal ethics and personal choice.

UPDATE: This take is perhaps the best I've read in the wake of the move.


GLORIOUS! You are the first person I've heard this from (ironic, considering you don't live in town anymore), but I'm so glad to hear it.

That Hot Doug's picture is beautiful. I can't wait to go get myself a fantastic foie-gras slathered sausage (legally) again.

Beautiful. I have to get to Chicago...

According to a code passed FOUR YEARS AGO, the making and selling of foie gras will be illegal in the state of California FOUR YEARS FROM NOW. Eight years to go into effect? They don't really move fast do they?


Hey, the longer they want to delay, the more of a chance is it'll be overturned before it can go into effect. That's a huge longshot, though. While I always thought the Chicago ban had a good shot at being overturned within a few years, California legislators would take an awfully big political hit for an issue that's had a long time to quiet down. You never know, though. I think a lot of lawmakers are catching on to the fact that they've been misled. Upon actually examining the evidence, we've seen stark reversals of position with the AVMA, the proposed Maryland ban, and now the Chicago ban.

California is a tough nut to crack, though :-)

I think it's funny how most restaurants appeared to serve it anyway.

I just moved to where I'm 2 block away from Hot Doug's, and I'll make sure to e-mail when he has it back on the menu. I moved up here after it was off the menu, so I sadly wasn't able to try it.

When you mentioned the Maryland proposed ban, I started to think of places around here that used foie gras. The Brasserie and Petit Louis of course, but a couple other innovative dining options in Baltimore do it as well. I think my favorite might be the foie gras topped burger at Salt (though I'm not really a huge fan of the place as a whole). If you haven't, you might want to give it a try with some of their duck fat fries - not a bad (though clearly unhealthy and none too cheap) way to spend a meal.

I hope Doug is serving this again by the time the baby arrives and I'm allowed to eat liver again... and have the summer off to go wherever I choose (that's baby-friendly) for lunch. ;)

I love hot dogs. I love sausages. I love foie gras. Still, I find that photo so unappetizing, I don't think I could eat that. Maybe it looks better in person.

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