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November 23, 2008

My Readers Have Failed Me

Let me get this straight.

There's a restaurant in Baltimore that's casual but classy, serves an inexpensive menu full of homey but creative comfort food, is totally laid back and welcomes kids to the point that you can sit at a table next to a play area with a sofa, easel, tons of books and toys... and you guys didn't tell me???

Regular dining out has returned to our household. More after I've had a chance to sample a few more items.


I'm so relieved I don't live in Baltimore and haven't even visited in more than ten years. Even so, I'm consumed with guilt.

I know the restaurant in the picture above, I live in that neighborhood. You might also want to try a new restaurant on the same street, about 6 blocks away, called The Parkside. It is owned by two of the owners of The Brewers Art. They have a beautiful menu, great bar selection, in house bakery, and a big ol kids play area. Here is their website: http://www.theparksideonline.com/

There is also a really great kids clothing/toy store in this same area called Bediboo.

I am duly shamed. Granted I haven't had the chance to go there yet, but I've been meaning to along with the new Brewers Art place. The only harford food phenom I've gone to is Chameleon Cafe which is a bit up the road from Clementine and which I can tell you has some really great food.

i haven't been to clementine's yet, but kwan has. i want to go. the chef used to be at the sobo cafe where i used to eat more frequently at in 2006.

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