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December 08, 2008


Eggs Amanda Magnano

I realize this is a food blog, but the 25 members of the Veterans Committee who didn't vote for Ron Santo can go suck an egg. There... that makes this food-related, right?



I've been a Cubs fan my entire life, probably even longer than you. We used to take the IC and then the El up the the games before it was ever cool, back when it only cost $1 to sit in the bleachers (because nobody else would), and then stop and have a burger at a place on Lower Wacker, when nobody even knew what the Billy Goat was.


I never liked Santo. Back then, I (& we=my friends) always thought he was kind of a jerk back then. He'd be having a bad game, and then, all of a sudden, would kind of 'hurt' his leg, and limp into third base and be out for the rest of the game, or the week. Yeah, we called it 'goldbricking' even back then. He did it a lot. I'm talking early 70s here. (HA! I told you I was older than you!)

So does he get a break for this now? Yeah, maybe. I've watched him many more times over the years, and I like him lots better now, as an announcer and sportscaster and all-around good-guy. And not just because of the sympathy factor because of his limb loss, but because he seems to have mellowed with age, as we all do (me included, I guess.) And while his stats seem to make him deserving of the honor, maybe other people have some long-held residual antagonism towards him as well. Who knows. I still say, let him in.

Now I shall go and suck an egg that you offered: an all-natural, cage-free, high omega-3, 25% less-saturated fat, vegetarian fed egg.

Dom, one question: you're obviously a sports fan. Answer me this: why can't any of the fools writing the sports power rankings for SI or ESPN communicate as effectively and convincingly as you?

Thanks for all the hard work -- and sorry about Santo.

Now, to even more important matters: let's get Bert Blyleven in.

Peggasus... your fandom definitely predates mine (me, even :-), and I appreciate the perspective.

The only Santo I've known is today's Santo. But even setting aside all of the broadcasting and cheerleading and extraneous stuff -- which I actually don't believe should figure significantly into the vote -- it's just the numbers. The guy has HoF numbers and he deserves it purely on that basis. All of his other attributes simply make his exclusion maddening as well as mystifying.

And mncharm... Blyleven has my full support... not that that means anything :-)

Tony Oliva denied again, please reserve an egg or two in his honor.

Love the blog!

They need to be rotten eggs.

I predate Peggasus -- I remember Ron Santo from the mid-60's, and he was a joy to watch back then (although since I didn't live in Chicago, I only got to see a game live a couple of times.) He wasn't a goldbricker at that point; from '64 to '66 he played 364 consecutive games. I think by the end of his playing days he was feeling the strain.

Dom, while on the subject of eggs, I'd like to request a photo of you preparing your Dremeled Eggs. The idea intrigues me, but I'm still not clear on how you clean the grit out.

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