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May 28, 2009

Still Alive...

This is food? Dominic Armato

...just a little busy at the moment.

Thanks to everybody who's written to check on our well-being. We're all happy and healthy (and eating pasta again!) and I should be able to get things moving again here shortly.

And don't worry, little one. The world has far tastier things to offer you than this.


Been there, done that. Some day, somehow will have to explain to me how Similac, perhaps the most vile smelling substance on earth, replaces breast milk.

Congrats on the new addition Dom!

Congratulations on the tiny future foodie! :D

Woo Hoo - Congrats guys! Another foodie in the world!

you gonna cover masters?

"you gonna cover masters?"

Between the kid and the imminent move, I need another time commitment like I need a hole in the head. So, not this season, anyway :-)


Congrats, Dom! I also have a toddler and baby combo at home...so I'm impressed you have time to write down anything at all. Look forward to seeing you back when you have working brain cells (which, if I'm an example, may never happen....)

I was wondering where you'd gone, but despite being a longtime reader (lurker) of this blog, I do not actually know you, so I refrained from emailing :P
I just wanted to let you know that you've inspired a teenage foodie (overused word!), so thank you very much for Skillet Doux.

Congratulations by the way, and I'm glad everyone is well!

I concur with anon man. Similac is vile! Out of my 3 kids, the one who grew up to like food the most, refused to drink formula as an infant. A connection, perhaps...
Good Luck with the crazy life!

OMG The Monkey Island stuff was just announced today!

THAT IS GOING TO BE SO FRICKEN AWESOME! I am glad you could work with them again!

Long time no see. Congrats on the new Monkey Island. :) Hope you and your family are doing well.

Wow, congratulations on the new Monkey Island episodes and remakes! As an obsessed fangirl (yes, I love MI and food, let's be friends :P), I am in a state beyond excitement right now.

Congratulations! I am sorry to hear you wont be covering Masters, but yeah, kid does sort of trump television. Or so I am told. Monkey Island as in the video game?

Yes, KinderJ. Dom was/is the voice of the protagonist Guybrush Threepwood in the third and fourth games, as well as an upcoming remake of the first game, and a new episodic series of games.

I spawned recently too, so I know the feeling. :) Congratulations! And also of course, congratulations on your voice work for the new MI games -- all the fans are happy to hear you're reprising your voice role. :D

Went totally bananas over the Monkey Island news! I've played all of 'em, I knew all the lines from the Insult Swordfighting bit by heart. I was so obsessed with MI I finished MI2..in German - the store only had an obscure localized version. Anyways, congratulations! Also, love your blog.

Wow, this is what I get for not clicking links in about pages. I had no idea you were Guybrush, Dom. I just thought you were that awesome food guy and didn't connect the two together. Congrats on the baby!

I know you aren't covering Masters, but I'm hoping some of the other regular readers respond to this rant. I kind of like Masters. No living together, no B.S., no ego about being too good a chef to cook on a microwave even if they don't own one. No sink? That's ok, use the shower. Genius. Yeah, its for charity and the judges don't want to beat guys up on a charity show, but I kind of liked it because it was about cooking and not personality disputes.

And, how about Keller? Man, he blew the doors off the others with that baked egg white swan thingy for the girl scouts and what I can only assume was a very good "mac and cheese" made from scratch and with shrimp. Yum.

I'm here anon man! All I can say is good for Keller. I wanted that mac and cheese so bad. I' going to love this show. And the playing for charity part is nice because I have no doubt that these guys are not strapped for money. Can't wait for Dufresne and Bowles next week!

Hi Dom,

Hope you and your family are doing well. I was checking to see if you were going to cover TC Masters, but it seems you have better things to worry about. :)

To anon and canasian--agreed with everything you both said. I was pretty much rooting for Keller from the time I heard he was going to be in it. I think this is going to be a great season.


Following on from anonman...I know you're not covering Masters, but are you watching it?

I will stop taking over your comments now, promise.

But I wanted to know, is Little Doux II male or female? I have no idea what I want to know this, just that I do.
Congratulations again! :)

And the other thing: How about the mutual respect. Tim Love isn't formally trained, his food isn't necessarily refined, but it seemed pretty clear that the others respected him nonetheless. Future Top Chef contestants, take note, that's how real chefs act.

I completely understand if the answer to this question is a firm "NO WAY!" but I figure it cannot hurt to ask.

I also completely understand why you can't cover Masters. However, this is without a doubt the best place to talk about TC. Is there any chance you could put up a short post that's kind of a "Talk about Masters here" post, and let us discuss without interfering with relevant comments to actual content-full posts?

And by the way, congratulations to your entire family on the new addition.

Congrats on the new addition! Like others... I knew you weren't going to cover Masters (understandably!) but came back hoping there would be discussion of the show among your readers. I second SorchaReis thoughts exactly!

We thought the show has great potential. I too was rooting for Keller, but the great thing was that all of the chefs were positive, there was no one to root against (what a relief!). I actually loved that each judge (critic) rated individually. There was no need to come to a consensus. I liked the openness of this method and it showed respect for the critics to not require one to change their opinion to suit another.

Congratulations to Dom and family! Wish you all the best (and a good night's sleep)!

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