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July 23, 2009

Boston Meetup?

Taiwanese Style Fish at Grace Garden Dominic Armato

Any Boston-area folks interested in a little Taiwanese this Saturday?

Short notice, I know, but I'm meeting a friend at JoJo Tai Pei for dinner at 9:00 on Saturday. I'd love to meet some local food nerds, and these types of outings are always better with a crowd.

Standard chow gathering rules apply. We show up, we order way too much food, everybody shares and we split the bill. Drop me a line if you're interested!

(NOTE: Taiwanese fish pictured above not actually from JoJo Tai Pei. Haven't been there yet, so no photos!)

UPDATE: A tasty dinner (post soon), but more importantly, great company and a warm welcome to Boston. Thanks to the folks who came out, and for anybody else in the area who wasn't able to make it tonight, we'll do this again... soon!


Sounds fabulous! I'm not able to come down to Boston at this time, but I'd like to extend an invitation to get in touch if you ever decide to come up to Portland to check out our many fab restaurants. It's only about an hour and a half to 2 hour drive (depending on traffic and where you're living in Boston) and there's a pretty nice bus too, from South Station.

Kind offer, Marya, I will!


Enjoy the Taiwanese meal. It sounds delicious.

Wish I could as our Chinese food is horrible and it would be nice learn from those who have been exposed to "real" Chinese. Wish I could go to Grace Garden as well.

Good lord, that Grace Garden pic made me dizzy. Lived in Taipei, haven't seen anything here that evoked the memory like that photo. And I was ready for bed!

Glad I could be of help, zsparks :-)

That's great that you know Taiwanese! I totally don't. When I post the JoJo writeup, I'll be curious to hear what you think.

Sorry I missed this post! I live in Cambridge and am generally up for eating out in Boston. Let me know when you want to go exploring again, as I could probably recommend some places.

Hey, KinderJ!

Sorry you missed it, too :-)

No worries... this was definitely the first of many. If you give me your E-mail address, I'll drop you a line the next time we're meeting up in case you haven't checked the blog lately!

(Link to my E-mail is just below my photo, upper right)

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