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January 25, 2010

Sichuan Shindig?

Ma Po Dofu @ Lao Sze Chuan Dominic Armato

Anybody in the Phoenix area up for a little ma la this weekend?

It turns out we live pretty darn close to the Chinese Cultural Center, which I noticed while driving to the airport last week. So I buzzed through, did a little shopping at the market and checked out the three restaurants there. I haven't had good Sichuan since my Baltimore farewell dinner seven months ago, and Szechwan Palace looks like the real deal. But my ladylove doesn't do spicy, the strength in numbers rule applies threefold to Chinese restaurants, and I'm anxious to meet some fellow food nerds in our new town. So anybody want to join me?

I'm thinking a late-ish lunch... maybe 1:00 or 1:30... on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when folks are free. Standard chow outing rules apply. We order way too much food, share everything and split the check. And at least for this visit, let's call the Americanized stuff off-limits.

Hope some folks will be able to make it. Drop me a line if you're interested!

UPDATE : We're officially on for 1:00 PM on Saturday the 30th. Last-minute additions totally welcome... just drop me an e-mail!


I've eaten there. It was quite good. The only thing is, make sure that they give you the "Asian" menu and not the watered down version they often try to palm off on any party with even one Caucasian person in it.

Wish I could join you, but it's a bit of a long drive from Seattle.

Man, wish I still lived in Phoenix. Dom, if you're ever in Atlanta there's a fabulous Sichuan place here (I'm salivating just thinking of the dry-fried eggplant)

As all of our Chinese food is horrible, I am just looking forward to the pictures and story. Enjoy.

I'd be there in a heartbeat if I were anywhere in the vicinity ...look forward to your review.

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