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February 01, 2010


"The demand has again surpassed... we regret... blah blah blah..."

You know how publicly posting your college rejection letters is supposed to be kind of cathartic?

I'm not sure what it says that I'm taking this harder than my college rejections, but... here it is.


One more chance next year...


Apropos of nothing, but I've been reading your site for a few months and I've just now made the connection between you and the Monkey Island games (which I love, btw). Guess I should read the About page on blogs more often. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Is is closing after next year? I must have missed that. You want a hard reservation, try Le Calandre. After many years of going to the parents house in Padua, I finally was able to get in. Worth it. So worth it.

Anon Man...

Yeah, he just announced that after the 2011 season, he's going to close down for two years, take a sabbatical, and then reopen the restaurant in 2014 -- in some new, drastically different format that he hasn't decided upon yet.

we need a write in campaign. Send Dominic to El Bulli! Send Dom to El Bulli! Clamor! Clamor! Clamor!


I keep thinking of Patrick Stewart's character from 'LA Story'.

You cannot order zeee duck!

It's closing for two years? Boo! Not that I have ever eaten there, but it's sort of like the Sistine Chapel. Even if you never go see it, its sort of reassuring to know it's being looked after.

Egads, Jon. It took until now for me to pick up on the 'Blazing Saddles' reference.

Clamor, indeed.

Now see, I was rewatching the Bourdain documentary about El Bulli the other night and thinking how much I'd love to see a report on a meal there from you. Here's hoping you get a seat there next year (or on a short notice this year).


Sadly, Spain's a little difficult to do on short notice when it requires coordinating grandparents to stay with the little ones. We're flexible enough that we could make it work just about anytime, provided we have some time to work on it. But suddenly getting in and having to jet off to Spain a week and a half later just isn't going to happen.

'Fraid it's wait 'til next year for me :-/

Okay then, I hope like anything you get in next year!

Sadly, my reservation request was rejected as well. Glad to know there is one more shot though...I though this was the last season before the close. Try try again!

I got dinged, too. I'm feeling it with your Sarah C. and Dom. Next year! Always next year! (until next year, sigh).

Um, does anyone think this is a random drawing? I don't.

Question: If I got a reservation to El Bulli, could I give it to you?

The reason I ask is that much as I would love to eat there, my health currently prevents me from taking airplane trips. So I could apply for a reservation next year, and if I got it, I'd happily hand it over to you, because reading your blog post is as close as I'm going to get to that place.

Dom, do you think your experience as a Cubs fan has helped you weather this rejection? ;)

Sorry, couldn't help it -- I'm still smarting from the latest Vikings tragedy and felt I had to lash out.


No, no... a lifetime of commercial, film and voiceover auditions has helped me weather this rejection.

My experience as a Cubs fan has prepared me for bitter despair.

BTW... enjoy the Brett Favre Retirement Circus™ this summer. I know I will :-)


Absolutely no idea. But *I* certainly wouldn't be an impediment to the plan :-)

I've eaten there. It was about 10 years ago and I didn't have that much trouble getting a reservation. I did book months in advance, but it was doable back then. Oh, and Spain was not on the Euro and it cost about $60.00 US per person for the meal which was at least 20 courses. I can remember having clams with peanut butter brickle and a raw monk fish liver with a foam. In fact, I do have photos if anyone is interested.

Chef to close 'world's best' eatery in search for inspiration -


Maybe because it's harder to get a res than to get into Harvard?

Anyway, I heard he serves those frozen fish squares, and the whole thing is run buy a little man behind a curtain!

Yeah, saw a link to that yesterday on Fark. Brutal. I kind of get the logic though, especially if you are losing money on running the place. On the flip side, can you imagine the academy this guy could run? I have a feeling the words 'booked solid' will take on a whole new meaning. Just imagine what you could learn...

Changing topic entirely, anyone notice on the last episode of 30 Rock they inserted Jon Bon Jovi into the credits of Top Chef behind Jen?

Some more on the closing (or not closing?) from an economic perspective (all of this from a restaurant I had never heard of until Dom was denied a seat). Dom, maybe someone will take note from the first linked article and you can buy a scalped seat.

Also, just like this blog, reading the comments from the Marginal Revolution link is time well spent.



Or is he not closing?

KinderJ, yep, I saw that and loved it.

Darn, gilmore beat me to linking to the econobloggers.

On happier note, it looks like Kevin is going to open a BBQ restaurant in Atlanta.


Independent George - Economic blogs are my first stop every day.

....after my first first stop, Skilletdoux

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