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February 27, 2010


Resistance is futile... Dominic Armato

Since the food crowd here in Phoenix seems to be pretty heavily Twitter-based, it looks like it's time to make a leap that I'd long hoped I might somehow avoid.

We'll try this on for a little while and see how it goes. If the feed on the sidebar looks broken to anybody, give me a shout.


Don't worry about becoming one with the Borg. As usual, you transcend rather than being absorbed.

zsparks... Thanks!... I think :-)

Actually, so far, I'm liking it. I always lamented those tiny little tidbits that I never worked in because they didn't feel substantial enough to post. It's kind of nice to have an outlet where they don't have to be lost, but where they don't clutter up the meatier stuff that I'm usually posting about.

As long as you write in proper English, I have no objections. Descend into 133t-speak, however, and that's another story entirely.

What's 133t-speak?! Was that a meta-comment?

It's those the abbreviations them lousy teenagers use when sending each other text messages from my lawn.

zparks is clearly a n00b


I should also add that if you use a Java blocker on your browser (such as NoScript), you need to enable 'twimg.com' to get the link.

If you don't want your minions as personal facebook "friends," create a fanpage for the SDouxers whom you can tease with a taste of your next SD treatise.

Twitter is for kids (and dying).

The problem with you being on Twitter is that people know what you've been up to and can harass you to update the blog, as shown in illustration below:

I know you went to French Laundry this week, so write it up already! I need new food porn pics.

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