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June 30, 2010

Bento Box

Bento Box Dominic Armato

So is this embracing the culture, or a cry for help? I'm honestly not sure.


I like it. Food is supposed to be fun. This looks fun (assuming it tasted good too).

Is that candied ginger on the left?

I think I'm taking my lunch bento style from now on.

I'm going to agree with Anon Man. It looks fun, is pleasing to the eye, but it has to taste good.

I should bento up my work lunches for something more exciting.

My wife uses one. Seems to like it. I just have never cared for a lukewarm lunch. I want my hot food hot and my cold food cold. Which means I spend a fortune on lunch. Sigh...

Somehow, think the applecart upset is going to last another week. No way, except for maybe Angelo, that I would want to predict the finalists based on the first 3 shows.

Good luck, Dominic.

That picture does not in fact look like any of the fun bentos I have seen on the internet. A sandwich and carrot sticks in a partitioned container seems a very lazy bento. Bentos I've seen have a whole bunch of different variety of dishes.

Check out the blogs Just Bento or Adventures in Bento-making.

@skoolie There are thermos style containers with 4 stacking dishes inserted into them. One for soup, one for rice/noodles/stew, one for something cold, etc. Its called the Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar.

I think it's the latter. Sure, you can put whatever the Hell you want in a bento box, but still.

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