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September 17, 2010

Turnabout Is Fair Play

The Kitchen at Posh Dominic Armato

Some exciting goings-on here at Skillet Doux.

See this kitchen? It's going to be mine for a day. Well, not really mine. But we're going to kind of pretend it is. Call it fantasy camp for food nerds, call it chef for a day, call it what you will, but on October 18th, the sixteen-year-old with the learner's permit is getting the keys to the Ferrari.

Posh has become a regular stop for me since landing here in Phoenix. On Thursdays, it's a great place to come hang out after ten, have whatever the chef, Josh Hebert, feels like throwing at you, and hang out with restaurant folks who are knocking off of work at their own places. When you're somebody who's thrilled by the restaurant industry but never actually got involved, it's a fun place to be. And I've spent a good deal of time hanging out and screwing around with Josh, so when he decided to launch a new event for every other Monday night, starting this Monday, I was one of the lucky folks he asked to participate.

Though it still lacks an official title, we'll call it Chef For A Day for now. Josh is asking folks who are food-obsessed but who aren't directly involved in the restaurant industry to design a three course menu, subject to his approval, which will then be put on for one night. Cooks, servers, reservations... the whole deal. The only thing disengaged will be the part of Josh's brain that normally designs the menu.

It sounds like a ton of fun, and to say I was an easy sell would be grossly understating my reaction. So on October 18th, myself and the folks at Posh will be serving up the prix fixe menu that I'm currently working up. I'll post the full details as we hammer them out, but during the next three weeks while I work out the recipes (setting aside the final week for sourcing and tweaking), I thought it would be fun to keep kind of a running journal of the process of getting this thing ready for primetime. And around this time next month, if anybody who's been reading and lives in the Phoenix area thinks the menu looks good, I hope you'll come over to have some dinner and hang out. It should be a ton of fun, and I really couldn't be more jazzed. Plus, you never know. If anybody feels compelled to critique the dinner online, it could end up being an educational experience on a couple of levels, which would be awesome. I figure I ought to be able to take it, no matter which side of the counter I'm dishing it from.

Menu journaling starts next week!


Sounds like an awesome opportunity! Really fun idea and I'm just tickled for you.

I'm thrilled for you, and glad you are going to post about the process. I came to this blog for the TC discussions, but I stay for your other writing. This looks to be a great experience even just to read about.

Ok, I'm really wishing I lived in Phoenix now. I think you are going to come up with a terrific menu, and I'd have loved to partake.

Figures, I started reading you in Rochester, NY. Now, I'm in Baltimore (where you used to be), but you are in Phoenix.

I wish I had this opportunity. I have been an epicurean for years. I have spent most of my time managing the front of the house for very fine dinning restaurants, but have always maintained a love of cooking.

Great post. Can't wait to watch the journal unfold as October 18 nears!

Even better would you be working the line while they made it.

"Even better would you be working the line while they made it."

TBD, but I think that's the plan.

Remember: Store bought pastry is the way to go.

"Remember: Store bought pastry is the way to go."

Been scouting the Safeway bakery for the past week.

I wonder if the wife would mine me flying to Phoenix for a Monday in October?

What a fun opportunity. Can't wait to read about it.

I think I'm actually envious now. Menu creation, line work, shopping at Safeway (ok, maybe not that part).... A charmed life you lead.

Too bad I won't be in Phoenix until early November.

Good luck! I'm excited to hear how this will turn out. Maybe you'll get noticed and they'll let you judge an episode of Top Chef? Lord knows you are so much more qualified than like 3/4 of the Season 7 judges, lol...

A long-time lurker for the Top Chef coverage (thanks to Ted Allen for pointing fans to your site), I have fine dice envy as I gaze at your bolognese porn shot. But, I am conflicted, part wishing I could go/be in Phoenix to witness this event and part telling myself that I am boycotting the state for its outrageous immigration policy. I wonder how you think and talk about this topic with your chef and foodie buddies.

"I wonder how you think and talk about this topic with your chef and foodie buddies."

I try my best not to :-)

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