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October 13, 2010


Egg Carbonara - The Final Test Dominic Armato

Hope this works.


That looks good. Did you make up this concept and recipe or have you had it somewhere? It's a really cool idea.

Did it work?

Yeah... did it work??? Give us the goods! We're all dying to know how the big event turned out! You need to get someone who actually ate at the restaurant that night to guest blog for you. :-)

The big even isn't until the 18th, JJH2 (I think). I'm wondering if the test worked out :-)

Good luck tonight, Dom. Pictures and recap will be much anticipated. Was it decided if you are working the line?

Oops. Totally jumped the gun there. Yes, good luck tonight! Definitely looking forward to hearing all about it.

The suspense is killing me.

Dom's Twitter feed has some nice tidbits. Looks like he was up late (like any self-respecting line cook), so I wouldn't expect an update here in the early hours.

come on, Dom!

Anyone in the PHX area post anything about it? Maybe some of the foodblogger community got out for your big night? Throw us a BONE here.

No kidding...us Minnesotans are staring down the barrel of winter and we can't even get an update from Phoenix. Where's the love, man?

I've been checking back here more times a day than is probably healthy...

Sorry, folks... tomorrow morning... insane week :-)

Its a 23 day weekend this week for the Minnesotan, so I don't know why he's complaining. ;)

LOL -- DOM's response reminds me of a sign on a local restaurant: "FREE LUNCH TOMORROW!"

Sorry, folks... still cleaning up a couple of big work projects.

Recipes would tide me over, Dom... ;) hint, hint....

Lights to half-dim!... I'm starting the projector!...


BryanD, I see your froggie, and raise you one Swedish Chef:


Presumably, things went better for Dom...

I. George - I have had probably the worst 2 days in my life (serious death and dying stuff), and your post with the swedish chef made me stop crying and laugh for the first time in quite a while. Thank you so much for that!

"Presumably, things went better for Dom..."---I.G.


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