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April 27, 2011

Surprised? Yes.

Me. (Surprised.)  

I've always said that I write Skillet Doux primarily for myself. It's a journal. And while I hope the blog does something to contribute to good eating, even if on a micro level, I'd be doing the same thing if nobody read it at all. I'm not in it for traffic or recognition.

Of course, after this morning's developments, I've gotta say... being recognized is pretty freaking awesome.

Now that I've had a couple of hours to process, I'm still not quite sure what to say (there's a "first time in five years" joke in there somewhere). The source of my surprise is that the Saveur editors have seen fit to name Skillet Doux as a finalist in the restaurant/dining coverage category of their 2011 Best Food Blog Awards. I'm completely shocked by this. I can't imagine a bigger compliment than the editors of my favorite food magazine (Really! Look at my bookshelves!) naming me among those they feel worthy of recognition. Especially considering the heavyweight company. Seriously, I'm floored by this. By which I mean both surprised and honored to an extreme degree. As they say, the nomination is the award. The winner is now determined by a vote, and we all know how internet popularity contests are.

The problem, of course, is that popularity contests are a lot more fun to win than most of us want to admit. So what the hey!

That's where you go to vote, if you're so inclined. I don't have a snowball's chance in hell. These are some big names. I think The Delicious Life was the first food blog I ever saw. I've no doubt that the traffic for these guys absolutely dwarfs mine. That's right... in the classic American tradition, I'm casting Skillet Doux as the underdog! The little blog in the desert pitted against titans from Los Angeles, Los Angeles, New York, New York, and... um... Kansas City (but he totally travels like I haven't been able to in years). How sweet and unexpected would it be to win the vote?

I should probably also point out, for those who might be clicking through for the first time, that there's a section in the right column of my favorite posts of the moment. They cover a broader spectrum than I typically write -- probably 90% these days is restaurants and Top Chef (when it's that time of year) -- but those are some of the ones of which I'm proud. And there's a link to the restaurant index since, you know, that's the category and all.

Okay, okay, this is the last I'll mention it until the voting ends on May 12th. I think. Shameless self-promotion makes me feel dirty. But this is pretty damn special, and I figure I'd better enjoy it a bit.

Thanks, you guys. Thanks for reading, thanks for the congratulations, thanks to Saveur for the completely unexpected recognition, and thanks to whoever nominated me!

This is fun. More on May 12th!


I will register and vote for you and the several others I read regularly. I hadn't read girl who ate everything and like the link. I guess she is "big" if her "About" page has a statement about how she doesn't do food product endorsements or restaurant reviews for hire, just book reviews, sometimes....

But let me also give a rant to Saveur for not having LINKS to the entrants. There's a fair number of those in the categories I haven't heard of and I would like click over and give a gander, if I didn't have to google it, search for the right link, then click back to see the next blog, google it, etc., etc...

Anon Man... They have all of the links when you sign in and go to vote.

By the way, vote for Sky Full of Bacon. Mike's an old food friend from Chicago and his videos are fabulous.

@Yeah, I see that now that I've signed in. But still.

I voted - I follow a few, have discovered more with the links and think you're the best.
Hope you win!

*I see a glass-top designer desk and on it a rolodex and a hand updating it*

*beyond the hand and before the desk sits an elf writing in a tablet to the voice of the hand*

...then they break for lunch at Momofuko and I wake up.

And NOW I read the good news that Dom has been chosen out of the children of Israel for training in the court of Nebuchadnezzar! (I mean, win or "lose", we ain't talkin' Web Awards Top500 here. This is the real deal. These Saveur people are of the don't-call-us-we'll-call-you variety. So Dom has THAT going for him! And my vote.)

Congratulations! Registered & voted!

Dom, this is well-deserved.

Good luck!


Big, big congrats to you!

Registered and voted right away!!

All, the category is BEST RESTAURANT/DINING COVERAGE. Congrats, Dom! Kansas City votes Skillet Doux.

I don't know that I've ever posted here before but I've been reading for some time and believe that Saveur got it absolutely right. I voted for you and will go back and vote for your buddy as well. Congratulations on the nomination!

I voted for you but must see proof of your birth certificate before going any further. xxx, The Donald.


Congrats! Signed up a voted for you.

Does this nomination put any added pressure for you to post more often?

I wouldn't complain if you did...

Wow, how cool is this--congrats, Dom! I've never posted before, but I've been reading your blog--Top Chef and restaurant/food posts--ever since Ted Allen mentioned it. I love your intelligent commentary and passion for food, and am impressed by your culinary knowledge. And I was one of the many people rooting for you on your one-night restaurant (more of those to come?). I registered at Saveur and voted for you, good luck!

Thanks, everybody... 36 hours and I'm still verklempt over here.

jh... No pressure other than that which I'll undoubtedly place upon myself :-) It's always a struggle between blogging ideas and available time (or energy), but this sure makes me of a mind to double down. Let's see how it goes!


A tip of the hat to you sir...well deserved attention.

Well, you are my favorite food blog and the only one I read even while Top Chef is not playing. So, I am going to cast my vote!

Congrats Dom. Signed up and voted. Good luck.

I voted! I can see why you like the site/publication so much.

I know. It's HUGE, but I have to confess that I'm not entirely surprised. The quality of this blog is superb. I came for Top Chef, but stay for all of the rest. So very well deserved. Chow for now ... I'm off to vote!

Awesome, Dom! Congratulations! I put my vote in.

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