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April 27, 2011

Well, *That* Was Unexpected...

Saveur's 2011 Best Food Blog Awards  

And yet there it is.

Processing... processing... processing. More in a bit.


I've analyzed this for you, Dom, so you don't have to: this is very cool. Congrats.

Congratulations Dom. Very well deserved nomination. Good luck!

Congratulations! Seriously good blog. Been following for years since the Ted Allen referral. I don't even consider myself a foodie, but the photos and writing keep me reading. Well-deserved recognition for so much obvious passion and dedication.

Congratulations and the nom is well deserved as would be a win.

Congratulations, Dom. I hope you win.

BTW, you should probably correct your caption (unless, besides the talents we already know about, you are also a time traveler)...

IG... duly corrected... thanks!

And thanks for the congrats, all. Still processing. In need of something intelligent to say and not finding it (shocking, I know).

congrats Dom! Love the fact there are people publicly bitchin' for not making the noms... Geezus H...

Congratulations! Definitely well deserved.

I don't comment all that much, but I did want to chime in and say congratulations. Top Chef is what drew me in, but I enjoy reading every one of your posts, even if the restaurants you are talking about are a couple thousand miles away. Keep up the good work.

Richly deserved, Dom. You probably don't have the traffic of some of the other contenders, but the quality is always there.

congrats, and very well deserved!

Very cool, Dom. I think the nomination in the restaurant review category is especially great, since its clearly an area in which you take great pride.

So, when's the pay wall go up? (ducking...)

Yea! Congratulations.

Congrats, Dom. Well deserved.
They knew what they were doing - I joined Saveur just now solely to vote for you.

That is so wonderful! I have never commented on your blog before, but been a faithful follower since Ted Allen pointed out your blog on his TC blog.
While I live no where near Phoenix or Baltimore, I still read all your reviews for just the way you described the food. I enjoyed that you were willing to say that too many ingredients/flavours do not always make for a better tasting dish. I am a little biased because I thorougly enjoy Asian food and like that you cover that genre. Congratulations and I hope you win.

Woop woop!

I second the "woop woop" and raise you a "HOLLA!"

Emerging from long-time lurking status to say CONGRATULATIONS, Dom! I first came to this site from a link on a M.I. page, and at the time, I thought of you as a voiceover artist who happened to do a food blog. Now, it's become hard not to think of you the other way around! This place has become a regular destination, and an essential part of my Top Chef viewing experience (missing your commentary on TC: Canada)! Once again, congrats -- the nomination is well-deserved!

I also joined Saveur just to vote for you. Congratulations!

Congratulations, Dom, on a very well deserved honor !


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