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May 17, 2011

Back To Reality

The Girl Who Ate Everything  

Well, that's a relief.

Not that Skillet Doux didn't win. Not gonna lie. That would have been pretty cool. But I'm not sure what I was doing in this crowd in the first place, and now I can get back to blogging in obscurity as usual :-)

To be abundantly clear, however, I am and continue to be completely shocked and flattered by the past couple of weeks. It means a lot. It really, really does. And if I didn't feel that I'd already long overstayed my welcome when it comes to talking about this subject, I'd go on gushing about it for another thousand words or so.

But nobody wants that, so let me simply say huge congrats to The Girl Who Ate Everything, a kickass blog that completely deserves the win despite its author's highly amusing protestations.

Sick young'uns have kept me from getting up some of the stuff I'd meant to this past week, but I'm almost sprung. My ladylove and I are shortly off to Vegas! (No, no, the kids are staying here with Grandma and Grandpa.) So some ridiculously good eating should be on the immediate horizon. More soon.

Thanks all!


Have fun in Vegas- looking forward to see your reports from the trip.

Congrats on being a finalist - that is awesome in itself!!!

Bested by the Rhoda Morgenstern demographic.

There's honor in that.

Huge props for getting nominated. You are a great example of how to do it awesomely right!

I came across your blog after someone posted your Farewell to Baltimore post on Chowhound. Since then, I have checked it very regularly and am always in such awe of your beautiful photos and interesting commentary and well-written posts. I have never been so eager to read about places I have never been to (and probably will never go to!) Kudos on your nomination, and know that you deserve it!

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