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November 02, 2011

Top Chef Power Rankings - On The Move!

So when I woke up this morning, I had a bit of an epiphany. It was meaningful to me. Perhaps not so much to you. So let's just say that I've decided -- for my own sanity -- that it's time to give the Top Chef Power Rankings their own home. Skillet Doux's been feeling kind of bipolar, and it's been driving me crazy, and it occurred to me that there really wasn't any reason why I couldn't just split the TCPR stuff into its own blog and happily continue maintaining both of them. Aside from the inevitable Reed Hastings jokes, I mean. But nonetheless, as already mentioned, this move has nothing to do with maximizing shareholder value and everything to do with keeping me sane. But I've written more over at the new blog, which you can access by clicking on the convenient banner above!

Top Chef Fans: See you in the spiffy(ish) new digs!

Skillet Doux Fans: Business as usual. Without monster reality show posts getting in the way!

Self: There, doesn't that feel better?

See? Everybody wins!


Dom, I came to for the TC Power Rankings but I stayed for your great reviews and pics! I just wish you lived in ATL instead of Phoenix :)

I was reading your blog for years before I finally subscribed to cable and could actually watch Top Chef and make sense of the power rankings. Sanity is a wonderful thing!

Ok, I was going nuts trying to click on the chef's image and nothing happens. Go view the source code, find the address of the new site and go to it. Spot the banner to take me back to Skillet Doux, where I then spot the banner on this page that does just what you promised and goes directly to the rankings. So, banner does not equal image, and the banner is not visible in the RSS feed. I feel dumb.

Quick thoughts:

1. Go Chicago! Five are in, and they could all go deep. Spiaggia is a Michelin one-star that doesn't require explanation. I haven't been to Moto, but Dom has an incredible write-up of his experience here. Sable and Chilam Balam are not as refined as the others, but the food is first-rate and seems to be exactly the kind of thing hits Tom in the happy zone.
2. I was skeptical at first, but I LOVE the new intro format. The problem with previous seasons is that the initial contestants were chosen for TV purposes by the producers, and not necessarily the strongest chefs. This effectively puts the food front and center right from the start.
3. I'm rooting for Keith, partly for his biography, but mostly for the beard. You have to root for the beard.

Oops. Was so excited to comment, I didn't read Dom's blurb. Anyway, I'm with Dreamboat - I came here for TC, but stayed for the food pr0n. I'll be hanging around both - hope to see everyone around.

Sheila... Eek. Sorry about that. Clarity fail.

Jeez. Now I have to read two food blogs. Oh, the humanity. ;)

Shocking. Just shocking. Dom, I want you to know that I am wagging my finger very sternly. Sternly. And, you know, clicking over. But I do like Skillet Doux very much.

Dom - It was very much a comprehension fail, not a clarity fail.

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