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January 18, 2012

Homeward Bound

No! Not yet! Dominic Armato

It's been nearly two weeks, and though I'm currently somewhere over the Pacific inside this silver cigar (with apologies to Lilian Morrison), I wish it was my family en route to me rather than the other way around. I crammed as much as I possibly could into this trip, trying to make sure I was out and about every moment I wasn't working or sleeping, and sleeping less than I probably should have. But there's just too much. I barely got halfway through my critical list, to say nothing of the things I really would have liked to have hit, even despite the amount of ground I covered (60+ miles just in the past four days, according to the pedometer).

So while this trip has me especially excited to get writing, I confess that I'm a little unsure of where to start. A quick count indicates that I have thirty something restaurants to write about, not to mention markets and hordes of snacks and bits of street food. Give me a couple of days to decompress, get a little rest and collect my thoughts, and we'll get this ball rolling.

If you'll excuse me, I have a date with Photoshop...


if you're really not sure, you could always just go alphabetically. ;)

Other options: order of visitng, or by groupings. (e.g., compare Markets in X to Markets in Y) I'm looking forward to these posts.

For your consideration: an intro post, with your thoughts on what to hit or not, especially given time constraints, and a list of places (including places you wanted to get to but weren't able to, as well as those you decided to leave for another time) would be very interesting to those of us who hope to go to any of those cities sometime in the near future. And maybe some organizing principle might come out of that too.

Sounds like you had a great time and looking forward to the posts, in whatever structure they come.

If I may sidebar for a moment, I went to check to be sure I hadn't confused Ogden Nash with another author of short, witty verse, and was shocked to find that the poem I'm referencing appears to be NOWHERE ON THE INTERNET. The title of the poem was The Aviator, or The Pilot, or something along those lines. And there was some funny formatting, but it went like this:

"He comes from afar in a silver cigar, and walks down the ramp like a heavyweight champ."

Am I insane? I'm quite confident I didn't author this one myself and then misattribute it to Ogden Nash. Is it really possible that this poem has never graced the internet? Has anybody else ever heard it?

Nevermind... it was Lilian Morrison. Thanks, Christina!

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