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September 27, 2012

A Good Day

Okay, that's pretty sweet... Dominic Armato

I've always said that I write this blog for myself; that I was happy doing it before anybody read it, and I'd keep on doing it if everybody stopped. And that's all true. But over the nearly three years I've been in Phoenix, I've found myself thinking more and more about what I can do to contribute to Phoenix's food scene, and to find some small part that I can play in helping to make it better. It's the reason I launched PHXfoodnerds, and it's also why I find myself leaning more and more towards trying to find and write about lesser-known places that are awesome and deserving of more attention than they get.

Thing is, writing a blog isn't like posting on a community board that thrives on interaction. It sometimes feels like shouting into the void. Is anybody reading? Does anybody go to the places I write about? Do they like them? Who knows!? There are days when I think I'm spending hundreds of hours every year doing nothing but gazing at my navel, and if that's the case, no problem... as a journal, this blog means something to me and that's plenty. But there are days when I think that maybe I can do a little something to contribute to the greater community. And when the Phoenix New Times staff sees fit to name Skillet Doux the Best Food Blog of 2012, it's definitely one of the latter.

This post is already beyond maudlin, so let me just say two things.

First, let me say thanks... thanks to the folks at New Times for the honor, thanks to everybody for the congratulations and kind words, and thanks to those who've been so supportive to this extremely long-winded and annoying obsessed fellow who's trying to make Phoenix's food scene home (third person... that's for you, New Times :-). Today, especially, it feels like home.

Second, and waaaaaay more importantly, let me say get out there! That New Times Best Of Food & Drink list is packed with so many fabulous places! Cafe Ga Hyang, Crudo, Beaver Choice, Zaidi's Grill, Andreoli, Baratin, Chou's Kitchen, 'Pomo, just to name a few personal favorites. Go! Eat! Support these guys! Find more great places and support them too! (Do it especially during the long, bleak summers.) Learn about the fabulous foods they make. Come on over to PHXfoodnerds, tell us what you thought and discuss it with the crowd. Get the word out however you can, make them all big successes and show that we appreciate and will support folks who put an exceptional amount of love and care and skill into their restaurants, sticking to their guns even when they're producing the kind of food that sometimes has to fight for an audience. The more we do that, the better and better an already exciting and burgeoning food scene is going to be. Don't sit back and hope it happens. Help to MAKE it happen. Sometimes all it takes is writing a little something online.

The honor makes me want to work at this even harder. And that's a gift I really, really appreciate.

Thanks, everybody. Lots more, very soon.


Big congrats, Dom! So very well deserved. Really appreciate all you do to help expose the good guys out there that otherwise unnoticed might just go away.

It was over a year ago, that I discovered your blog via Michael Ruhlman- and I compared you two then. I continue to be enthralled with these locales you write about and feel like I could just catch a flight and find my way around the cities you have called home and never go hungry or be bored. Thank you again for your blog and congratulations! If you ever make it to "Derby City" and want a personal tour of the Bourbon Trail- you know who to call!

I would LOVE to tour the Bourbon Trail! Sadly, I think the odds of that happening anytime soon are slim to none... but you bet I'll drop you a line if I get out that way :-)

Oh I've definitely gone to several places based on your reviews. This is an invaluable blog.

Congratulations, Dom. Well earned, even if it makes me a little sad you're no longer in Chicago.

Congrats on the recognition, Dom. I don't have my own blog, so I have to rely on other people's navel gazing. I admire your passion and enjoy your writing, be it here, on LTH or with Top Chef. Keep up the good work. (and I agree with Independent George...but Phoenix is lucky to have you.)

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